Journey Part 1: Florida and miracles.

Mom had a stroke. Our lives were forever changed upon hearing such news. Through this journey, our God has been so faithful. Please follow me as I do my best to grieve, to remember those closest to me, and write the pieces of the broken journey that I have been on with my family.

Here is part 1 of the journey:

When our Dad informed all of us that we needed to get to Florida as soon as we could, I knew deep within me that I had to prepare to let go of my Mom. It was a miracle in itself that all of us were able to get flight tickets in a matter of hours without any finances to make the large purchase of tickets. God provided everything down to the very last cent. It was this action of love from so many that displayed to us as a family just how much God loved us. We also understood that He knew that our Mom loved each of us so much to have us be together for something like this. We dearly loved her as well!

One thing to note was the fact that God had arranged for Mom to make it to the states where all of us were able to fly to. Initially, she was only going to make it to a different Caribbean Island. This was heartbreaking for us at first because many of us did not have passports ready. Then somehow they figured out that they were going to take her to one place, and then to another, each time, she was getting closer to us. Finally, our Dad found out that they would be able to fly by learjet to Florida. This in itself was a miracle. The next miracle was the fact that Mom survived such a venture. I know that God was carrying Dad during this process. Even though it was not in the circumstances that Dad wanted, God still fulfilled a lifelong dream of flying by learjet on a last journey with Mom.

Then it was our turn to fly. The flights we took to get to Florida were torturous as thoughts of our Dad alone with our Mom in the hospital raged through our minds. We could do nothing within our own power to prepare ourselves for what we were to see, hear, and experience. All that mattered in these precious moments was the reality that we needed to get to our amazing, strong Dad and our wonderful Mom. The rest would be left up to God as He carried us through each step, conversation, and tear filled prayer.

God worked out every detail from transportation, to getting a special deal on our hotel, and even helping us find coffee. Those of you who know me, know how much I love coffee. I had no idea that Uncle Nate also drank it as much as I did, if not more. Dunkin’ Donuts saved us! I am giggling thinking about this, so just imagine giggles in the background.

To say that God did not care for us would be a complete lie of all that took place for our family during that time. He provided for every need even though our hearts were broken. Mom would want you to know that God was good through it all. Within the mess of us, there was so much beauty.

Journey Part 2: coming soon


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  1. Well said, Kara. Keep writing!


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