Can you share with me amdist the busy parts of life?


Hi everyone!

Life for my family has been extremely busy. There are some days where we just want to take some time to be able to take a breath. That is what we have been attempting to do lately every chance that we get. If there are breaks in writing it is just because I am resting from my computer and my busy life.

In the meantime, would any of you like to share with me anything that has helped you during your own grieving process? Writing has been a crucial part of my journey so far. Also, acknowledging that letting go of a loved one, a season in life, and the little life forming within you, is going to be hard but it is worth the pain and hard work. There will be days that you do not do things perfectly but doing your best is enough to make God proud. I would be interested to hear some of your insight and even your own stories. Please feel free to comment or email me.

God loves us in our messy lives. Know how much He cares for you today.


2 responses to “Can you share with me amdist the busy parts of life?”

  1. When my in-laws died of different cancers only one month apart, somebody said to us, “I don’t understand why this happened to such good people.” Our then seven-year old said these words (profound for a child): “If my Nomie and Papa didn’t die, maybe somebody who didn’t believe in Jesus would have and they’d miss their chance to get to heaven. At least we’ll see them again.” Wow! It did help to remember that this is just temporary separation. We lived next door and saw them every single day so starting a new routine and staying busy really helped us to not focus on the loss so much. It’s been 5 years now and there are still terribly sad days but much fewer than before. Now, the memories make us smile more instead of making us cry.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! What a great perspective from a child. I think that the perspective said right there shows that God often uses what we consider as bad or very difficult for so much good. Often times this good has much more to do with other people that need Jesus. Again, I appreciate you sharing this. =)


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