“Always Hope No Matter How Much It Hurts”



Reconciliation has been what is on my heart, especially as the year mark has been occurring in pieces. Tomorrow marks the year that we had the celebration of life service for my Mom. Naturally when someone passes some people feel like making changes to reconcile relationships. Others remain constantly waiting for a friendship to begin as they slowly reach out.


Forgiveness is the first step. And as reconciliation does not occur, forgiveness becomes a daily process. Many have wanted nothing more than for reconciliation to occur in order for a friendship to blossom and grow.  Several have opened up to me asking for guidance. The constant question is, “How do you deal with this when there is no closure, when there is hope for reconciliation and a relationship but constant rejection is what I get?”


To you who have asked this of me, and are asking this yourself, the answer God has given me for my own personal journey is,


“Always hope no matter how much it hurts.”


To be perfectly honest with you, I have struggled with this answer. I have struggled with it because it means that I am open for constant pain and rejection. This may be something that you struggle with as well. The truth is that God always intended for reconciliation to be a part of everyone’s life but not everyone is obedient to his will. Everyone has a choice to submit to him.


For those of us who are waiting, hoping beyond all hope that reconciliation will happen sooner than later, keep holding on. Do not give up hope.  Our hope is in Jesus. That is the best reminder I can give anyone as well as for myself.


In this beautiful mess, this journey we all are on,


“Always hope no matter how much it hurts.”



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