In the Stillness



In the stillness you are there God.


There is something so beautiful when we take time to rest and slow down. It is beautiful because in those moments God can bring healing to your mind, body, and soul. In many ways our culture is not one that values rest. It seems that the pendulum swings too far into apathy or to a state of constant busyness. God values hard work and rest, not one or the other. After he created all things he rested and surveyed it all to find that it was good. Resting can be similar for us. After a hard week of coming and going we need to take time to slow down, rest, and celebrate Gods goodness through it all.


I have been prioritizing a different mindset in order to slow down and rest more than I have in the past. It has been a beautiful time with God. I find myself  cherishing these extra long moments where I turn off my phone and allow God to speak his truth over me.


These times have been crucial for my heart. God has shown me more of the goodness in the negative. It can be so easy for us to despair when bad things happen and we face loss. But circumstances do not change God. He remains steadfast. His goodness and love remain even when it feels as if life is crumbling. We must fill ourselves with him. That only happens when we stop and focus everything we have on him.


Like my Pastor says,

“We must be so whelmed by Heaven that we are not overwhelmed by earth” (Dr. Davenport)


In the stillness you are there God.

In the midst of everything, you are there.

You are for us.

You are faithful through everything.

You have already won the victory.

We begin and end our day in your victory.

Even when there is darkness your light is there to guide us.

Your love and goodness surpass all understanding.

Your power and grace fill us so that we burst with joy.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

We relax in your presence.


Thank you for rest.


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