There comes a time when you look back and you realize how different life is from a year ago.



New breath. Refreshment. Life. Growing dreams. Hope. Excitement for what is ahead.

There are times where I miss Mom and the way family used to be so much that it takes my breath away for a second. But God does not want any of us to live in the past or the future (Pastor Callie hit it on the head this weekend)! He has been helping me enjoy the moment. He has been helping me to let go of the pain so that I can hold onto him. Each time that I do this I am able to see how he views me, those close to me, and those I have yet to meet.

The love in my heart for my sweet comforter has taken on a new form. It is something that is very hard to explain. What I thought I had lost forever he has given back to me. I am living my dream right now. It has already begun. I am surrounded by so much love.

My heart overflows with gratefulness! I sit in awe and wonder at his love and goodness. I pray that I will always choose him and always choose love. I pray that I will always remain humble and faithful even as success comes and dreams come true. He deserves every part of me. He deserves all of the glory.

He is the one who has done all the great work in me!



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