No More Faith? Living a Brave Life

I remember a time where I was told that I needed to portray more joy in my life 3 weeks after burying my Mom. I am unsure what this person expected of me but I can tell you I felt wounded as I was learning what grieving looked like for me. During that time up until now I have always chosen Jesus.

Too many times I was told that I needed to portray myself as if never struggling throughout the years in different places. Somehow, by portraying that I was always happy, always smiling, and never struggling, it somehow meant that I had great faith. If I portrayed otherwise, then it showed that I must have had a huge sin issue and little to no faith.

It is really too bad that often we are not real with one another. Perhaps your struggle could help bring strength to someone else? I have seen this time and time again as I have chosen truth. As I have chosen to by real and chosen the way of Jesus, so many others have been able to not feel alone on their journey.

We were never meant to do life alone. We were never meant to have perfect lives free of pain and toil. It is why Jesus came after all, is it not? He is the one that provides our hope and that all of our pain, and toil, all our hard work is for something bigger and greater than our sinful, corrupted world. It is why my Mom served her entire life the way she did even through the physical and emotional pain of life.

When we create an environment based on a facade it breeds pride, and a lack of compassion for others. We have chosen to place an identity other than Christ on lives when we decide to put on a mask, and go on living our lives never truly revealing both our burdens and our joys. We are to bear each others burdens.

How then can we come together on our good and bad days? How can we be more supportive, more real?

One day at a time, choosing Jesus and His way of love. We must have His heart. And we must be willing to offer grace and compassion to the vulnerable. If we are the vulnerable we must be brave to do so.


How can I pray for you?


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