I Dreamt Of You Today

The death of my baby, the love for my stepdaughter and years of healing have dug up dreams from my childhood. Please read below:

I dreamt of you today with curly flowing hair and laughter that carried on the wind. Heaven collided with earth.

I dreamt of you today climbing trees, getting scraped knees. I dreamt of kissing your boo boos.

I dreamt of you today for the first time since my childhood. You were so near. I could almost taste the sweetness as if I were kissing your cute, chubby cheeks.

I dreamt of you today as I should have from the start, where fear and pain didn’t matter. For so many years I didn’t dare to dream of you. Life is already hard enough so why add more disappointment?

God has revived a piece of me I never knew he could. The part of me where risks and impossibilities meet. Where the risk is worth any possible outcome. The part of me that surrenders more and desires more of Heaven on Earth. The part of me that becomes less and I end up gaining more than I could imagine.

I dreamt of you today.

Come alive.


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