A Piece Of Heaven

Five years ago my Mom breathed her last breath here on Earth to make her journey home to Heaven. Those who have walked a similar journey understand the longing for that person. Some days Heaven feels far.

Many have followed the journey the past five years and I am grateful for you. Today, I am opening myself up a bit. I miss my Mom dearly but I have hope and joy. Please read my raw processing of the fifth year anniversary of her passing:

All I want is to experience a piece of Heaven with you today. I see you, you’re young and radiant. I thought you were beautiful as I grew up but today you radiate the light from the son and you’re breathtaking. You even smell good. I never saw you so healthy and your hair so thick. Aunt Shorty is smiling as she stands by your side. Michael is in your arms and your other grandkids are running around your legs giggling. My oldest sibling cannot wait to meet the rest of us as I see them waiting with excitement for our homecoming. The joy is indescribable!

Just a piece of Heaven.

To my Dad who saw your slow death from the beginning and battled on your behalf, will a piece of you come visit him in his dreams tonight? Just a piece of Heaven, a glance of your eye and your smile that radiates such love. Just a bit of your presence to touch the ache and bring a little more peace than before.

Just a piece of Heaven and I can tell you face to face how so many of your prayers for me have been answered. The horors of your childhood, a piece somehow did not elude me and it tore your heart to pieces. If only you could see me today and know I’m free, healed and whole. I know now that you prayed dreams and hopes would somehow be restored and the joyful spark would return to my eyes. Just a piece of Heaven is all I ask today, so that we could laugh a bit more over coffee. I could give you a hug and you could see the dreams that are unfolding in my life.

Just a piece of heaven, it is all I ask for my siblings who miss you too. You could be with all of your grandkids, some of whom you could kiss for the first time. Swingset swinging, going down slides, dancing, and laughing together even for a moment.

Just a piece of Heaven, it is all I ask.

Just a piece of Heaven for everyone.

Mom, I love you!


8 responses to “A Piece Of Heaven”

  1. Praying love and comfort for you and your family today. 💗

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  2. Kara you’re so talented in the way you write! I love your blog. And your mom, she is beautiful, radiant and lovable even to the ones who never met her! Your description of her is so transparent that I feel as if I’ve met her! I love you and your family! And your heart ♥️ of gold! Press on sister! Rejoice in the fact that you will see her again in heaven! Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family!
    Xo xo xo 😘

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  3. My breath is taken away. My eyes are in tears. This is Just stunning. You are a piece of heaven, Kara Young. Sending you hugs today my dear sister.

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    1. 😭 ♥️ love you!


  4. Lauri Borgmeyer Avatar
    Lauri Borgmeyer

    Kara, this is beautiful. You have such a gift with words. You inspire me so much! 💕

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