Freedom Fighter

When I hear the word I think of the cowardly lion. The amazing thing about the cowardly lion is that the audience is a witness to his courage before he realizes it. How similar we are to that, aren’t we? While we struggle, others are admiring us before we get around to it.


Courage is getting up everyday and loving others whom may never love you in return. You try your best to hug away pain and trauma. You carry peace for the outbursts. Each day holds a similar routine. Each night you cry because you see a glimpse into the horror that sneaks out in your kids reactions. Deep down, you know that if you choose to give in to the darkness or give up, your child will add you to the list of people who did not know how to endure for their sake, for love.

Foster parent. Adoptive parent. Stepparent. Grandma. Grandpa. Aunt. Uncle.


Whoever you are, courage is the word that defines you.

We are a witness to your courage even if you are unable to see it in yourself.

Every morning you wake up to love through another day full of trauma unknown, in an attempt to bring freedom. To love someone so deeply that your heart bursts with love despite the ache that seems to grow with each tear that drops from your precious child. At night you exhale, your soul full of exhaustion after the freedom work you just accomplished.

It may not feel like anything has changed but I assure you that your love in one day has done far more than any evil upon your child ever could. That is why you must rise in the morning to do it all over again. You are a freedom fighter.

Courage defines you.

Take courage.

Be still.

The Lord fights for you.


3 responses to “Freedom Fighter”

  1. You. Had. Me. In. Tears.

    I sat on my bed today as Bubba slept during his nap thinking what am I doing wrong? Why does he act out so much? Do we have anymore to give? And then I read this. Thank you for allowing Hod to use you to reach this stubborn heart of mine. 💗


    1. Although our situation is different we relate to what you just expressed. Kids and trauma need us and it often looks messy… Especially at the end of the day and all we see is the chaos we just went through with them and no immediate warm fuzzies in sight. You are doing a great job!! ❤️😘

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      1. As are you! I watched her as you spoke during the Yay God service and there was such pride and love in her eyes for you.

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