Letting Go…

Letting go is not always easy but it is a crucial part of life. We must let go of certain things in our lives that hinder us, hurt us or slow us down. Sometimes we let go of a good thing in order to be ready to receive something better.⁣

If anything is causing unhealthy thought patterns, let it go. If relationships are toxic, let those go. If one season of life is ending, let it go so you can embrace the new one. ⁣

Recently, I have felt like I have been on a borderline with each foot in separate lands. It has caused confusion and I have felt unsettled. When I realized this, I knew I had to let go of what I was holding onto in one land and completely step foot into the new land. Not everyone will understand my actions. I have been severely misunderstood by many. The comforting part about this process has been understanding that God knows me. As long as I am living by His standards then that is what matters the most. ⁣

The beautiful process of letting go enables you to hold more joy. There is a freedom that comes when you move from pleasing man and instead focus every part of your being into pleasing God. ⁣

I must continue to listen and obey.⁣

He is joy! ⁣

As Holidays come and 2020 ends, holding more joy is a great gift. It doesn’t matter what may be going on or what may not be happening because He truly is all that is needed. He fulfills every longing and fills the emptiness or the lack. ⁣

He is good. ⁣

I plan on continuing to hold more joy into 2021. ⁣

Join me. Let go. Hold more joy instead.


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