Coffee Break

No amount of suffering and heartbreak will ever rob me of the blessings I hear down the hall. The footsteps that I hear as my world awakens, stirs me deeply. Heart somersaults from hugs, smiles and laughter. ⁣⁣
Healing is messy. Life gets mucky and until Heaven, we must confront suffering with the hope and healing from Jesus. He is so gracious and always near. We can forget that He wants to join us in the heartache, when it feels we are amidst a hurricane and are being pounded from all sides. We can forget that He took on our suffering. We are not alone. We are understood and known. What comfort we can have knowing this!⁣⁣
Take a moment today. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and remind yourself that whatever storm and struggle you are enduring will pass. You can be strengthened amidst the wind and the pelting rain. He is with you. Sip and enjoy even if it is for a few minutes. ⁣⁣
The wind is changing. The sun is about to break through. ⁣⁣


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