10 Years! (Dear Husband)

Hannah Hope Photography

Dear Husband,

I know today could be passed by by most people. But our 10 years are a BIG deal! When I reflect on this day 10 years ago, I was filled with excitement of a dream coming true as well as the weight of how serious this covenant I was walking into. It has taken many years to work through the pain of sticking to a ceremony that others did not want me to have but I am thankful I can see all of the beauty of that day now. I will forever remember your gift and what I consider a most sacred moment when I walked down the aisle. Our flower girl was missing and you gifted me with ladies who I cared for, to bless my path with the petals. It was your first romantic act on such a generational-changing day. I also apologize for leaving you waiting for ten minutes post ceremony start time because I wanted to pray with my prayer warriors. I still remember the blessings prayed over us by my precious friends!

I do believe that all the spiteful and curse words spoken over our marriage only revealed how much we were meant to be together. Here is why:

These past 10 years has led to one miracle and impossibility after another! We have seen proof, that as we are unified together, God acts and He acts mightily. We have seen God open one door after the other to ministry opportunities, precious relationships, miracles in finances and provisions, homes, healing, and the miraculous growth of our family. What man told us was impossible was not impossible with God and He gave us favor and did the impossible for us (And He isn’t done— He is only getting started)!

This journey has not been easy. We’ve seen more together than most do in a lifetime. Too many losses to keep track of and injustices that surprise others. We could list our novel long heartaches but none of those would come close to comparing to the gifts and blessings we have gained from God amidst the suffering. He has gifted His hope in small and large doses when we’ve needed it. He has met us in every high and every low. We are not the same people we were 10 years ago. We are better people.

Sex is better (yup, people- I finally said it)— there’s been a lot of freedom here. I will never shy away from saying that a covenant keeping people have way better sex lives (this is proof of healing in me btw that I even dare to write this publicly & the Church needs to take this back, so here I am starting the dialogue)… well, because God designed it that way and it isn’t gross, impure or ugly to speak of it that way. Romance and sex was His idea, not the other way around! Your spouse is supposed to knock you off your feet. Pleasure is God’s design within His covenant. What a great gift of taking back from the enemy the mysterious covenant of intimacy intended for a husband and a wife! I am thankful we saved sex (and having any type of physical relationship) until we were married. I am not sure we would have the freedom we are living in otherwise.

While our vows remain true I have to admit that we have surpassed some because of the growing love and grace of God. Instead of being a Lakers fan for a day I am a Lakers fan full time (Caruso all the way). Instead of breakfast in bed I’ve received it far more than I have given to you. When I could not get up recovering from my miscarriage you took care of me… for 3 months in a row! Our separate vows became one in this decade. And I’m proud to take credit for giving you a love for good coffee even if it may come across a little snobbish at times.

We are gentler and kinder people. We have dug deep roots together in the truths of our Savior and in the promises in God’s Word. Every storm was intended for our destruction but it only deepened our roots and made us stronger. And here we stand, hand-in-hand, looking at more impossibilities amidst miracles that continue to take place. Life is so incredible together!

Here is to another 57 more years.

You are my best adventure.

I love you!


Hannah Hope Photography

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