The Art Of Not Having It All Together

How many of us struggle with the thought that we need to have it all together ALL of the time?

✋🏻 I am guilty of beating myself up and feeling like I need to repent of some unknown sin… am I the only one that feels I must somehow measure success by a religious checklist?

Sometimes life is just… difficult, hard, yucky… and many things are often out of our control. How we respond is our choice but have you ever just sat down and given yourself permission to be okay with not being okay?

I am talking about grace over self-pity and I am talking about acknowledging the struggle in order to invite Jesus into it. I am talking about victory not victim-hood.

What is it that you may need to acknowledge and then extend grace to yourself for?

I am here to tell you today that you do not have to hold it together because Jesus already does this for you.


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