Brewing Up A Magic Elixir

What kind of routine do you have for prayer, meditation and reflection?

One of my biggest loves is time with Jesus! I plan and imagine how I want it to be. I prepare like I would if I were spending time with my best friend in person.

Coffee time.

It is like a perfect magic elixir that gets my heart warmed up and ready to enjoy great conversation and energizing quality time. It symbolizes both creativity and safety, love and joy. It provides perfect opportunities for celebrations and times of grieving and letting go.

Preparing my heart for time with Jesus is like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. It takes intentionality. If I rush or miss a step, I miss out. Am I paying attention to the details? Am I slowing down enough to allow myself to be vulnerable and pliable? Am I spending enough time to truly allow His word to brew the perfect flavor, scent and flavor from my life? Have I settled for second best or offered second best when I could bring my finest to the coffee table?

These are all questions I have been pondering this season of lent. Jesus brought His best everyday. He spent quality time with God and with others. He never rushed.

He never treated us like second best. He brewed the perfect cup of coffee. His cup brought life everlasting.

What is my cup bringing?


One response to “Brewing Up A Magic Elixir”

  1. This is so eye opening. Thank you for sharing! My spirit feels impacted!!!šŸ¤

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