All Figured Out… Not

How many times do we think that we have to have everything figured out? Or better yet, how many times do we act like we have it all figured out and we don’t?

The people in my little world often think that they must have it all figured out. But they are still learning. Each of us are still learning. None of us are exempt from that even if we know a lot already.

Life has so many different seasons and storms. Completely unknown trials, heartaches and joys come. Moments arise where we are left with the wind knocked out of us and we look around and have no idea how to take the next breath. Some days feel surreal, like a bad dream with no way to wake up. Life is hard.

Life is also wonderful, thrilling, exciting, and amazing because of Jesus. Some days bring new perspectives that help us take a new breath and a next step.

Rarely have I ever felt like I had it all figured out. In fact the best days are the ones where I lift up my hands and let God figure it out for me. I step out of the way and ask Him to lead me. I admit daily that I do not have it all figured out. And I’m glad that I don’t because God has much better in mind than I ever do.

God gives in abundance through every season. He has surprised me with so many good gifts along the way that I now know that blessings are often disguised amidst the dark valleys and steep mountain climbs. Moments have left me breathless from the excruciating sufferings and injustices.

But I’ve been breathless from the joys and mind-blowing blessings from God too!

It is okay to not have it all figured out. Rest in knowing you never are supposed to have it all figured out anyway.


One response to “All Figured Out… Not”

  1. Absolutely touching. So needed this right now.-Thank you, Kara❤️❤️❤️

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