New Mercies For A Hard Day

There are a million words I have wanted to say and a million thoughts that have dropped from my eyes. Tears have often been the only words needed to communicate when pen to paper runs dry and words fail to communicate the sorrows and the joys.⁣

Oh what great beauty there is when victories come every week and light triumphs over the darkness. When healing comes rushing in and cleanses pain and sorrow. No amount of thievery can ever steal the victory and the powerful transformation in just one touch from the Healer Himself. ⁣

The past several weeks have ushered in powerful moments that have left me speechless. Words have failed me. Blessings in abundance came in one wave after another. Sorrow cleansed in a way I didn’t know I needed with healing flying in right behind. ⁣

As Mother’s Day is here and a legacy gets passed on, sorrows mingle with joy birthing hope for tomorrow. ⁣

I know for so many, Mother’s Day reminds you of pain. I want to honor you for a moment, embracing you as a sister and tell you just how strong and brave you are. I want to honor your empty hands, empty womb, and the void you feel in your heart or see at your dinner table. I want to honor you when your Mom is not there to make this journey with you. I see you and value your process. ⁣

May wave after wave of new mercies flood and fill the empty places. ⁣


One response to “New Mercies For A Hard Day”

  1. These words you’ve shared are priceless. I’ve been thinking of your momma and precious boy so much and lifting you up into His Healing arms. Thank you for writing this and sharing your words and heart.

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