Makeup Free and Confident

I was having a conversation with a precious girl who through tears said that she wasn’t beautiful without makeup. No amount of words telling her how beautiful she was penetrated the lies she believed that she was fat and ugly without the perfect mascara tipped lashes and “skinny” looking outfit. It broke me.

So, it’s been a week and half over here without makeup because I wanted to show her that beauty isn’t defined by what’s on your face, the perfect styled hair or the clothes you wear. Beauty is defined by the heart within.

In a world where beauty is defined superficially, how can we expect this generation watching us to believe anything good, honorable and true if we are not the ones to show them? Are you able to be makeup free and confident or do you feel insecure going out (or even being around those closest to you) without it? I would like to challenge the thought process we as women are often so used to— that we must have perfect eyes, hair, skin, lips and bodies to be strong, confident and beautiful women.

So here I am. I won’t be put into a box just so I can “prove” to myself and others my value and beauty. No! I take a stand to focus on what is true, honorable and good. The wrinkles on my face reveal a God who has turned my sadness into joy. My white hairs (nope it isn’t blonde) reveal that I have been through many hardships full of excruciating pain yet here I am still standing because God is my strength! The devil thought he could take me out but instead I’m taking him out! My eyes shine the light and love from the most loving Father I’ve ever known and my lips sing of His goodness.

Will you join me and embrace the natural beauty; the beauty within a heart not yet perfected but always learning and growing closer to a good, loving God…


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