My Vegetable Garden. His Heart

This is our vegetable garden! ⁣

God continues to speak abundance over me this year. My overfilled, crazy, messy garden reminds me of what He has promised me this year. This year has been painful in so many ways. I realize that some things must die in order for resurrection to occur. But this is so beautiful despite how painful it can be. A transformation is taking place and I’m beyond grateful.⁣

In this transformation process a boldness has grown in me. I love parts of me I didn’t realize I had hated before. And Jesus… where do I even begin? He is SO good!! His heart is so beautiful! He helps me every day to love amidst rejection and pain. ⁣

My little garden… this is HIS heart on full display! I cannot contain any of these plants. They are growing wild. It reminds me that He never designed me to fit a mold or to be limited by expectations or by what others have done or not done. The raised beds are not big enough to contain the abundant growth. Neither am I to contain the growth that He does in me. It is meant to spill over. ⁣

I am free to be me! The me that He designed and intended when he knit me together in my Mom’s womb. I have realized in more ways this year why the devil tried so many times to kill me and my babies. I know that I am a threat to every evil that tries to invade my home and my family! The smoke screen has faded. I cannot be fooled any longer. ⁣

God has used every ounce of darkness back against itself. I know, without a doubt in my mind why God saved me. There were moments in my life I had wondered why but His love is immeasurable and in times of pain it can be hard to understand. He saved me because He knew I would become a weapon against the enemy. He knew I would become a justice seeker, truth declarer, an image bearer, and a warrior that never stays on the ground unless it’s for prayer! ⁣

There have been moments of heartache too difficult to share this year but Jesus has always been WITH me. He is always with me! I have never been alone even when I could have used a shoulder to cry on. I am thankful for His light in the darkness (and a diamond from Heaven), His gentleness as I process, His grace when things come out messy, and for His understanding of me. After every imperfect moment He continues to be there for me. ⁣

He is there blessing me and filling my life WITH His Spirit. I cannot think of anything more abundant than that!⁣


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