Quiet Waters

Staring at a tsunami, awaiting its violent collision. Somewhere between a deep breath and a teardrop the massive wall of water stopped right in front of me. Instead of being overtaken, peace even in the waters settled as what was intended to destroy me became a mysterious beautiful wall. The waters are calm and quiet compared to the rushing wave it had been.

I look at its rippling waters and cannot see through the dark depths. I scan upwards until I cannot lean my head back any further to realize that the massive wall of water is too high to see the top of.

A fiery light appears in front of me and the water’s part, creating this massive, long cavern with no end in sight. The light seems to be full of joy and laughter and love, inviting me to move forward after staring down my worst fears. I look at each side of the wall of water and think, “I can’t move forward. What if those walls collapse on me and I drown?”

I hear God’s voice speak, “I stopped a tsunami intended for your destruction and the destruction of your family. I have just parted the sea. Why would I let the waters collapse on you and have you drown? I am the light. Follow me.”

One foot forward and I find myself following the light amidst what was supposed to take me out completely. I am surrounded by the very thing intended to destroy me and all I hold dear. Everywhere I look is dark except for the fiery, joyful bouncing light leading me on.

God is my only source of light so I keep my gaze fixed on Him.

In between the quiet waters, I walk.


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