He is in the Tiny Details and Mishaps!

I had every intention to be out the door as quickly as I could. My husband was waiting for me outside to go on our first date in several months. No sooner had I picked up my things did I have to put them back down. The garbage my husband took out had leaked onto the floor at the front door. After I had cleaned everything up I went to put on my shoes. Of all times the tongue on my shoe had folded over. What should’ve taken me a minute just to get out of the door took around five minutes. But I wasn’t going to complain because this day was a gift and I had every intention of enjoying it with my husband.

Our first stop was our favorite coffee shop and there happened to be an open parking space just a ways up from the front. As I got out of the vehicle I was marveling over the architecture of the buildings and looking at the plants in the wooden boxes decorating the sidewalks. We began to walk towards the shop when I noticed a man who seemed out of place. My husband forgot his mask so he went back for it which left me waiting in between. I noticed the man walking closer. He had no shoes on! It made my heart break a bit and I made sure to make eye contact. I was looking for an invitation to pray for him. We locked eyes and he walked towards me. He asked me if I had any money for shoes.

At that moment I had no cash to give. I looked up and down the street hoping to see that a new shoe store had miraculously appeared! I asked him what shoe size he was. He replied with the same shoe size as my husband. I told him to give me a moment as I walked to my husband and asked him if he had an extra pair of shoes. Without any hesitation, he walked back to his car and pulled out a pair of flip-flops in the perfect size, and handed them over.

It was then that I asked to pray for him. He said we could and pulled out his Bible. He tried telling us what he understood through his druglike state. We prayed. It didn’t fully set in that God had every intention for us to run into that man at that exact moment until I sat down enjoying my hot cup of coffee. It is why the garbage leaked and I had issues with my shoes before leaving. It is why the parking spot was only open where it was. If we had been a few minutes early we would have been inside the coffee shop ordering coffee. If we had parked somewhere else we would have missed him. I would not have seen the barefooted man whose name was Joseph.

I would’ve missed seeing Jesus in his eyes.

To some, the insignificant and inconvenient mishaps prior would’ve just been frustrating. But it dawned on me that God wanted Joseph to know that he was not overlooked or forgotten.

Joseph, I hope that you know that you are loved so much by God! He orchestrated the perfect sequence of timing so that you would know this truth. He knew your shoe size and that my husband had a pair of flip-flops. He knew we didn’t have much to give but that we would be willing to give what we had (or my husband was gracious and didn’t bat an eye to my asking him for HIS shoes). God knew you needed to hear from Him. Joseph, stop wandering. Please come home.

You are loved!


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