He is…

This morning I heard a whisper.

I know His voice well. It is a voice I long to hear every waking moment and in my dreams while I sleep. He said, “I am returning everything to you.”

It has felt like one loss after another for quite some time lately. It hasn’t felt like devastation at all because amidst the suffering and sorrow the One who has been my treasure, and my source of abundance has been Him. He has given such great gifts as hellfire burned up dreams and plans. And what I’ve found is safety and treasures that I didn’t know were there in my failing human perspective. Sometimes we fix our heart on things that are not His best for us. Protection and love are always a part of His plan.

All that I see is the sun rising upon the hills, a Phoenix rising into strength and beauty, and a revival burning deep within.

I still don’t understand why certain things have occurred or why pain and injustice is applauded and celebrated. I don’t understand timing and delays and that is okay. I do not need to know because I know the One who does.

He is my everything. If you aren’t a follower of Jesus, you should be. I want you to know my best friend and the One who has been healing me and carrying me through life. Even if I cannot stop tears or grief from ebbing and flowing, I hope that you can see Jesus.

I hope you will choose Him. Because I know that you will realize that, “He is better than you dreamed.”

Take a listen to my anthem song today:

Revival’s in the Air- Bethel Music


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