When it comes to our lives we think our plans are good. When life gets rough and things don’t go according to our expectations, we can feel jaded, disappointed, grieved, and upset. Our faith is tested or we blame God (gasp). We look back at the past and may wonder why bad things happened and why it seemed like injustice prevailed. The future may be difficult to look forward to. Hit after hit. We are the target. Will we be destroyed? Will everything we built and fought for go up in flames too?

Questions twirl while revealing misguided perceptions of who He is. God’s heart is for us. Awful tragedies occur. Insurmountable loss takes our breath away. It wasn’t God’s fault. Because He is not an abusive manipulator, God gives everyone opportunity after opportunity to choose Love. Chaos occurs. Sin in its finest hurts others so severely we aren’t sure we will ever recover. Hurt people, hurt people. Pain spews out in every safe harbor we provide.

And one day we are left looking at the rubble wondering why the loss had to occur at all. Rising from the ashes hope sparks again as the flames burned away something unexpected.

Our plans.

Our plans might be good but Gods plans are better and best. He uses everything for good because He is good. He uses everything, if we are willing to let Him, and turns it back around to smear it in the devils face!

I want to smear Gods plans for my family in the devils face. I want His better, best and bestest plans (yup, I just made up a word). So I choose gratitude. I choose joy while I grieve insurmountable loss. Watch me rise above the ashes on fire. Those flames you see are not my destruction. I am burning with the Holy Ghost!

You can still join me in my 31 Days of Gratitude Challenge! There are 9 more days left to join and make gratitude an every day habit. Collect what you write each day in a jar or a box and then read them out loud with friends and family. Expect to have your perspective radically changed!

Giveaways will occur the week of Feb. 1st. To qualify: Follow my pages Instagram FB or follow me on my website (sign up below). Make sure to use #31daysofgratitude2022 in your posts or comment, message, or share with me what you did.


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