Goodness Gracious

Why is it so easy to focus on the negative? Step aside for a moment from the poop pile bombarding us as we scroll, read, watch or listen to it.

Have you ever considered doing the opposite of what you are used to? For example, have you ever thought to doubt fear rather than to doubt hope? Have you ever thought to give more thought and authority to the goodness of God rather than to the darkness?

Some of these things have been hardwired in our minds and we need a massive reset and rewire done. There are appropriate times to grieve losses, acknowledge the suffering and the constant heartache of a hurting world. I’m not talking about ignoring the basic need to mourn if we need to. I would encourage you to do so. What I am saying is that if we aren’t careful, we can get trapped in a world of negativity. It is our own world that caves in on us and instead of FAITH, timidity, darkness, and doubt would like nothing more than to settle in.

Praise is a weapon. Gratitude can become a lifestyle that fights against the darkness wanting to overtake our joy. I’m not saying to stop feeling everything else. I believe that feeling is healing. But feeling also is a changing world and one that, if you base your choices and life to stand on, will change and crumble like the shifting sands in the wind.

A faith-filled life with God won’t deny the struggles or heartache. It is a life that acknowledges the circumstances but hopes bigger! It is a life of beautiful surrender, allowing lies to die and for God and His goodness to become the most vibrant of colors even if surrounded by darkness.

Gratitude is the act of being grateful. When we live life being thankful, we live a life where hope grows and doubts turn towards the darkness.

Only a few more days left of the 31 Days of Gratitude challenge! Life should be lived with gratitude so even if you are just jumping in, I hope that you make gratitude a lifestyle.

There will be a giveaway this coming week after Feb. 1st, so share, comment, and follow FB, IG, or subscribe to my site today to get your entries in!


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