Spread it like Glitter

Yesterday was the 31st.

Look at that pile of notecards! Reading these out loud were a highlight last night.

We laughed a lot.

After the 31 Days of Gratitude Challenge, what was confirmed was that we deeply love and care for each other more than what pain tried to convince us of.

We deeply love and care for Jesus!

Trials, heartache, and pain from varying sources could have remained at the forefront, stealing quality time and unity from us. But we chose joy.

Gratitude is a weapon. It is what can reset thoughts to the goodness of God. Gratitude clears the fog, brings clarity, and battles the lies intended to destroy and drag us down to the pit of hell.

If you are struggling today, begin and end with gratitude. Throw it into your life like glitter. Once it becomes a habit in your life it spreads just like glitter does! The sparkle appears everywhere you go.

The 31 Days of Gratitude Challenge is over but you have until Feb 2nd to share or comment on how you participated in the challenge. The prize drawing will occur at the end of this week in my stories.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent messages. It has been amazing to see what you are grateful for!

The challenge may be over but our gratitude jar and station will remain. How will gratitude remain a part of your life?


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