Jesus and Grit

Crisis and grief change your brain. I’ve studied, taken classes, and read many books and articles about trauma and how it affects the brain. What I wasn’t expecting was how it would impact me in ways that hadn’t occurred before. Somehow I was blinded that it was occurring to me. When crisis came and grief settled in, the things that I needed to function and do well at work, crashed. Words went backward, letters jumbled and it was as if I could no longer edit or write in the way that I had trained years for. It felt like dreams, goals, and hours upon hours of hard work had become pointless. I vocalized my struggle yet I persisted and did my best to keep going. ⁣

As I have turned course to focus on gratitude and rest, God has been sharing many things. Loss is an opportunity for transformation. Loss can be a new starting point for dreams to rise again and flourish. God wants to lavish His healing presence upon you in community, in a family where they will surround you, free of judgment yet are bold enough to tell you truth in love and remind you who you are. When everything around you is burning you will rise from the ashes and the gift will be Him. His presence will surround you. ⁣

I know many of you have been bold and brave enough to persevere despite the hardships you’ve been in. Today I want to send you a virtual high five and cheer you on! It takes grit and Jesus to come out of the fire and rise amidst the ashes. If you feel you are not out yet and are still burning, please reach out to me. If you are rebuilding and need a virtual hug, reach out to me. I would like nothing more than to pray for you.⁣


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