Several weeks ago, I began to focus on finding ways to be a better steward of rest as a weekly priority. There is always more to do, always! 

Around the same time, my pastor preached about honoring the Sabbath. When he said, “rest is holy,” it was as if shackles came off me. Without realizing it, the impact of the past several years of stress had surrendered to the will of God. God created a day of rest knowing that humankind would need it. I am not immune to this need. I am not somehow expected to do more to be looked upon favorably by God. Knowing that He wants, desires, and expects me to rest has recently brought healing to years of mental battle I hadn’t quite known was there until it was gone. 

Growing up I learned about holiness as I read about John Wesley and studied the Bible. Holiness was brought up often and I was constantly reminded that perfection could not come without Jesus and would not be complete until I was home in Heaven. Yet, the habit of striving for perfection persisted. 

When my pastor said the key phrase, “rest is holy,” it hit me right between the eyes like the brick did to Marv’s head in Home Alone 2. Bullseye! A load fell off I did not know was there instantly. 

Are you tired? Rest is holy, my dear friend. 

Put aside your list, it will always be there. Order delivery or take-out if you need. Get to the laundry later. Embrace the ones you love screen-free and see how much gratitude grows. Honor a day of rest that God designed for you. 

Listen and watch the complete message here: Rest is Holy


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