A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are some unique facts about me & my sweet family of 3:

1.) Our favorite pastime is to go on random adventures in our car. 

               – One of the most memorable adventure was our first trip to Southern California to visit family. We drove as far as we could and stopped at a motel unbeknownst to us that was so dirty we had to sleep on top of the comforter with layers of clothes on. The following morning the Denny’s had cockroaches crawling on the tables halfway through eating breakfast. 

2.) We all love bacon, eggs & chorizo for breakfast. Our daughter asks almost every weekend to have chorizo. 

 3.) After years of unhealthy eating I decided to take care of myself. Most people don’t know that I lost 40 lbs & have kept it off ever since 2008. 

              – I enjoy eating healthy (w/occasional bacon & chorizo), working out regularly, getting good sleep, pampering myself with essential oils, & wraps while enhancing my lifestyle with It Works! Products, which are my favorite!  Visit my heath, wellness & beauty site here

4.) I started writing stories in third grade & had dreams of getting published in sixth grade. As a freshman in high school I was a teen writer for crosswalk.com before funding was dropped after the recession hit due to 9/11. 

5.) Quality time together as a family & coffee are two love languages of mine. I like to think coffee is from Heaven. It smells divine & all the smooth, bold flavors make me happy.