My name is Kara Young and I am married to the most amazing man in the world. I also have the privilege to be a Step Mom to a beautiful daughter.

Writing has been a joy to me since the third grade. Creative writing has always been my love. In college, exegetical papers were my favorite. After graduating I enjoyed writing book reviews. Recently I have dedicated time writing the journey of grieving the loss of my Mom amidst ministry, marriage & step parenting. 

There is power in writing & it has been healing. New joy & new dreams have come from God that I never thought possible in this adventure of life!

I have been a dreamer my entire life and believe that God can and will do impossible things.

As many of you understand, life is not always full of sunshine but rather; there are seasons of change, of transition and stretching that can feel very difficult, sometimes even dark. It is my desire to write about my journey in hopes that you too can see the beauty in the mess of us. Too often we can feel all alone. May you be blessed and encouraged to love deeply, let go of pain and poisonous thoughts, and dream big!

God sees the beauty in the mess of us.


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